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Let’s work together.

You’re already an athlete, or you’ll become one soon. You know what change you want to see in you.

Your current endurance is good, but you know it’s not your best. Your performance is just not giving you the results you want. Training alone is difficult. Meet Coach Pete. Here’s here to help you.

How does he do it?

Coach Pete is a veteran endurance trainer.

His passion, dedication and professional approach have skyrocketed his career and kept his trainees and himself successful, happy and continually motivated. Scroll down and see what the athletes that have trained with Pete have to say.

This is how you will advance.

Your training is a complex project. Each stage of your program has been precisely designed.

Coach Pete will guide you through your tailor-made program and make sure you are improving while staying healthy,safe and getting stronger. Your short-term and long-term goals are missions, and Pete will see you complete them like a champ. As you progress, your sessions will become even more optimized.

Online coaching gets results.

We can train remotely. Coach Pete uses Training Peaks, the best digital platform for endurance athletes.

Training Peaks connects with smart devices such as wrist gadgets and integrates seamlessly - Garmin, Suunto, Polar, Fitbit, and others. It’s the ideal tool for planning, programming and analyzing training sessions.

Who’s Coach Pete?

Coach Pete is a high-performance physical endurance coach.

Pete has a Master’s Degree in Physical Education and has an International Triathlon Coach Level 1 Certificate. Early in his career, Pete worked as an IB MYP Physical and Health Education teacher.
Ten years ago, he decided to follow his dreams of becoming a triathlon and running coach.

What people say about coach pete

"Coach Pete… Wow what an incredible human. I have been working with Pete for almost a year now and he has exceeded all of my expectations. From the start, Coach Pete believed in me; even when I wasn’t sure of my own capabilities. He helped me understand the importance goal setting and really helped me develop a good understanding of purposeful training sessions.  Thank you for EVERYTHING Pete. My life has changed for the better. Anyone would be lucky to work with such an amazing coach and person."

Karlinna O’Leary

Elementary PE Teacher

3rd on the Spartan sprint race in Canada (Briamcombe) in June 2019.
2nd overall on the Saracen Race in Kuwait 2019.
"I have been working with Coach Pete for nine months now - three months in person, and the other six months online. He also trains my husband and some of my friends. Working with him has been an very positive experience. As a certified coach and an Ironman athlete himself, he is extremely knowledgeable about sports and training. His plans are targeted and specific, both to me as an athlete, and to my personal goals. The workouts he assigns make training efficient and effective, all while avoiding injury and over training. One of the other things that sets Pete apart from other coaches is that he is always available to answer questions and provide support. Whether you are looking to improve your performance, get in shape, or medal in your next race, I would definitely recommend Coach Pete."

Mary Beth

total beginner to half marathon and triathlon
Working with Pete has changed my life for the better in so many ways. I was new to running, and exercise in general, when I started training with him a little over a year ago at age 37. I started out with the simple goal of showing up and being consistent, and even that seemed hard for the first month. I wanted to give up, like I’d done every other time in the past, but Pete stayed both firm and kind, motivating me to push past my resistance and embrace the healthy lifestyle that I’d always hoped for myself....

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Pete Perica is a very inspiring athletic coach. He brings out the best in the athlete’s that he works with and has helped me obtain a dream goal I thought was impossible to reach. His approach is extremely professional and he treats his clients with respect and understanding, ensuring that the advice he gives them is tailored to their individual needs...

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I started running as a means to be more physically fit and healthy, even completed a few 5k races. Unfortunately, I developed muscle pains in my leg. Afraid of injuring myself, I quit running. Pete allayed my fears and provided focused exercises that allowed me to run again. Through his training I realized that I am stronger and faster than I originally believed.
I now consider myself a triathlete and thanks to Pete's personalized training plans, I continue to improve on every race. Training sessions focus on my specific race goals and needs. With specific goals including heart rate and pace, I feel strong, confident, and prepared for workouts as well as race day.
Most importantly, Pete is a caring friend who considers the my whole well-being when planning my workouts. Nutrition, sleep, stress, schedules, family and work commitments all are factored into my training plan through a weekly check-in. From 5k to Ironman, I have complete faith that Pete will prepare me for any goal.

Robert Dunger

Coach pete's Athletes results

What DOES THE PRESS say about coach pete

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Coach Pete in numbers!



Running 5 k to

You got to 5K, but you feel like you could do more. Are you dreaming about making it 42K? Maybe you just want to smash that 5-10-21 or 42K personal best?

I’ll help you boost your endurance to a level you couldn’t even imagine before. We’ll train your technique and go through specialized strength sessions to achieve a better running economy.


You feel like you could do more,much more. Break limits. Take that top spot on the podium? Sure. How about training for 50K or 100K races?

If you want to reach and go beyond the distance of a typical marathon, you’re going for an ultra race. Coach Pete can get help you transform yourself into an ultra running machine.

Cycling/MTB -

You love spending as much time as possible on your bike. You think shorter races are great, but you’re wondering what it would be like to go really long - 100K, 200K, 400K or maybe even more.Should there even be a limit? 

Your bike is nice and can do a lot,but you’re not achieving your potential and your performance is lacking. Build your peak power and your FTP. Learn highly useful tactics that will get you to your new goals.


When you’re off-road, you feel at home. Now let’s get you to your new personal records by improving your FTP and increasing your peak power. This time, you’ll be using Coach Pete’s methods that will help you smash your local XC marathon. And if local competitions are too small for you - go global.

Swimming is freedom, but it’s also a significant physical challenge. Learn swimming economy, implement advanced techniques and achieve high endurance. This program is unique and powerful.

obstacle races

This is you, you are a modern Spartan! Sprint, Super or Epic distance. How to train, how to perform your best on the race day! How to get one day on the podium.

Are you a modern-day Spartan? Yes,you are! Sprint, Super of Epic distances. Implement new training methods, train for your best performance yet and achieve your greatest race results. Take your place on that winning podium!

Triathlon sprint to

Want to go faster? Run longer? Both? Train with a triathlon veteran who will guide you through each step of your journey.  

Stay determined and focused, build strength and go beyond just reaching your potential. From Supersprint to Ironman, Pete will help you get there.


Real Coaching for athletes who are serious about their training. All coaching is 100% customized to each athlete. Every athlete is different. Different backgrounds, resources,key races and goals at those races. Stand-alone plans and standardized “methods”just don’t work.  Every detail will be looked at and considered. Training zones, workouts, perceived exertion,lifestyle, work,  school background,goals, and other crucial factors so that we are on the same page and our time together will be completely optimized for your comfort and efficiency. Training must fit into your life, not the other way around. Some of the points that maybe included in your training are:

●     *** Availability: Subject to the athlete. Please contact me for a free consult. An initial consultation, fitness, and background assessment.
●     A detailed monthly program, updated daily if needed,depending on life schedules, performance, and feedback from the athlete.
●     Unlimited contact and training customization.
●     Physiological testing.
●     Heart rate and power training- data-driven results.
●     Access and use of ALL our partners and sponsors.
●     Race-day execution prep, and joint attendance when possible.

Cost: Varies according to the individual needs of each athlete. Please contact us for a consult. We can arrange a three-month verbal commitment.Interested athletes can contact me for a free consultation

My intensive consultations are for individual athletes. This is also a great option for “non-traditional” athletes. While I am known for my work with road cyclists, triathletes and long-distance runners, I have also worked with groups who were preparing for obstacle races.

Consultations can be used to design a custom training plan as well. Fees for this service are billed by the hour and include a 30 minute follow up four to six weeks later for athlete re-assessment and questions. These can be used for an individual or a group.  Consultations can include any specific areas or a wide range including but not limited to:

1.    Training periodization (long-term and short-term) for an event or a season.
2.   Specific and key training sessions or a complete training plan for your event.
3.   Data analysis of past races and training.
4.   Nutrition for race day or training.

The athlete or team will have a clear and complete understanding of their path to ideal preparation.  Contact me for availability and costs.